Wicked Pink Lemonade Water Based Lubricant - 120ml
    Type: Lubricant
Base Ingredients: Water-Based Features: Flavored

Wicked Sensual Care

Kissable, lickable & delicious! AQUA Pink Lemonade adds subtle natural flavors to enhance oral pleasures. Light & silky, this water-based formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant & a flavor sensation.

  • Flavored personal lubricant.
  • Water based and paraben free, the entire collection is so silky smooth you will be surprised that it is not silicone.
  • Made from the finest ingredients for superior performance, each product has been designed to be amazingly slick, extra long lasting and never sticky or tacky.
  • No aftertaste. Vegan with no animal by products or testing.
  • Latex condom compatible
  • Item #: WW1000

Wicked Pink Lemonade Water Based Lubricant - 120ml

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