Tease & Please Collection By WeVibe & Womaniser
We-Vibe and Womanizer join forces to bring you an exclusive special collection with 2 of their best sellers, so you and your partner can take your pleasure game to the next level. Tease and Please Premium Collection includes a We-Vibe Sync in a special ruby red edition plus a fabulous Womanizer Premium in white and chrome. WEVIBE adjustable fit So that you can customize Sync to your unique shape. Powerful vibrations Intensify shared pleasure during sex with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. Whisper quiet Ready for spontaneous fun no matter where you are.Quick charge Full charge in 2 hours, our most rapid charging system so can get the good stuff sooner. Waterproof, USB rechargable, remote control, 10+ modes, smartphone App.. Dimensions: 74.8mm x 31.4mm x 41.7mm Pleasure Air™ Technology Womanizer’s unique Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clitoris without touching it. Pleasing gentle suction and vibrations lead you to a new kind of orgasm. Autopilot Let the Autopilot surprise you, while it varies stmulation and intensity in the moment. You will never know what’s coming next. A new experience with every use. Smart Silence Smart Silence senses your desire. The Womanizer Premium turns on automatically whenever placed close to your skin andoff when you take it away , for your discreet uninterrupted pleasure. Waterproof, 12 intensity levels , body fit, magnetic charging Dimensions 155mm x 50mm x 35mm
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Tease & Please Collection By WeVibe & Womaniser

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