Pump Works Accu-Meter Power Pump
This penis pump features a meter that will monitor the amount of pressure the penis receives during a pumping. This pressure meter is crucial to ensure that your penis is not over pumped and prevents any careless health problems or injuries. The PUMP WORX - Accu-Meter Power Pump will instantly enlarge your penis and allow it to grow for your lover. The safety trigger features an EZ-grip pump handle for extra security. You can slide your penis inside the soft PVC sleeve and watch the vacuum seal itself against your rod. Once your penis is in, you can adjust the amount of pressure you are using with the easy to read safety gauge. The valve offers a quick release to relieve pressure and will get you ready to perform fast. Simply wash after use, this product can be utilized on a daily basis.
  • Item #: WW069

Pump Works Accu-Meter Power Pump

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