Glas/ Pony Play Glass Horse Hair Anal Plug - Black Glass (small)

Glas - Pony Play Glass Horse Hair Anal Plug Glas-133

Not only is this beautiful butt plug a work of art it is also a durable sex toy.

Pony play and anal fun unite in this elegant Glass Horse Hair Anal Plug.

This well crafted, nicely weighted plug has a pleasing tear drop shape for ease of entry. The slim post that connects to the tail ensures this plug will stay right where you want it while you play as hard as you like. While the sensation is similar to other plugs, this French design is far and away the choice for chic, yet quirky adventuring.

Perfect for Him and Her.

An exquisitely crafted glass pony butt plug finished with 26 inches of thick, luscious pony tail to enhance your play and training. The 2.5 inch glass butt plug has a bulbous head, tape


The plug measures 4 inches (2.5 insertable inches) and 4.75 inches in circumference at its widest point. The bulbous head narrows to

a 2.75 inch shaft with a flared base for a secure and satisfying fit.


The ponytail is soft, thick and luscious. At 26 inches in length it's perfect for gently swishing or can even be used as a whip.


Do not use dry ice to cool or a microwave to heat. We do not recommend washing in a dishwasher.


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Glas/ Pony Play Glass Horse Hair Anal Plug - Black Glass (small)

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