Fleshlight Lana Rhoades - Destiny
Lana Rhoades Chicago, IL What do you get when you have a stunningly beautiful girl who is raised by extremely religious parents in a small town outside of Chicago? None other than Lana Rhoades, the young bombshell who is perhaps best known for her unbelievable blue eyes that, if they were any brighter, would pierce your soul as she gives you her signature sultry glare. One of the youngest Fleshlight Girls to date, this buxom beauty joins our lineup of fresh-faced millennial female pornstars that are changing the way modern society conjures up adult fantasies. Stats: • Birthday September 6th • Zodiac Sign Virgo • Height 5'4 • Weight 125 lbs • Eye Color Blue • Bra Size 32DDD Fleshlight Sensation: Destiny It’s been your Destiny to experience the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight. This unique and highly customized texture is meant to give your penis the most sensational sexual experience. From its tight entry to its various cavities designed with pleasure pockets and orgasmic rings, sex with your Lana Rhoades Destiny Fleshlight is the most realistic experience she can give you without the real thing.
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Fleshlight Lana Rhoades - Destiny

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